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The Master in Management is now available in a 3 Day Study Model

The Master in Management is a 24-month-long program (12-month of core courses, 6-month of specialisations courses and 6-month paid internship). Students are required to earn 120 ECTS credits in order to graduate from the program (127 ECTS credits for students who need to take the Business Bootcamp).

Starting September 2022, classes take place from Monday to Friday OR in a 3 Day Study Model allowing part time employment.

A 3 Day Study Model allows students to work as young professionals and enhance their CV with practical knowledge. They will study in a diverse and international environment and boost their profile at the same time.

How does this work?

LSB students will still complete a full-time program and will also have the opportunity to work-part time. The weekly 2 days of work cannot exceed 15 hours of work.

Working student jobs, part-time work and internships will be feasible throughout the studies, especially in Luxembourg with many job opportunities for students. Students can accumulate up to 2 years of work experience, enhancing their CV before they have even graduated. Not only is this one of the reasons for students to secure a job before graduation, but also why the Master in Management focuses on employability.

Do I have to work?

The 3 Day Study Model is flexible. Working part time is not mandatory. During their free time, students can study, they can also get involved in student life by joining student initiatives or even creating their own initiative. Although English is the language of instruction of the Master in Management, learning Luxembourgish, French or German is beneficial for everyday life and will also help students future employability. Students may also want to travel and discover Europe.

Working part-time during their full-time studies may require a change in their lifestyle but it will definitely prepare students for their future careers.

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