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MBA Talks with Kanwar

Kanwar, MBA class of 2020 and Research Engineer at the Goodyear Innovation Center, shares his motivation of doing the Weekend MBA Program.

”An MBA will give me the knowledge and the confidence to tackle complex problems”

As an engineer, why is it important for you to do to an MBA?

My long term career goals involve doing something more strategic, so I chose to learn business skills that complement my technical background.

An MBA will give me the knowledge and confidence to tackle complex problems at the intersection of business and technology. It will make me well versed in different areas of business and thus help me become a well-rounded leader.

It is enriching and exciting to be interacting and studying with a community of people who are excited about going into the world and being leaders.

Could you describe your experience and your work as a worldwide leading inventor for intelligent tire technology?

I describe myself as a person who is creative, analytical, and solution-oriented. Keeping pace with tectonic shifts in the automotive industry towards electric, driverless cars and connected mobility services, I have worked for the last 6-7 years on developing sensor fusion algorithms, combining information from tire sensors and vehicle chassis mounted sensors.  Leveraging cloud computing framework with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and algorithms based on tire physics, I have played a pivotal role in steering my organization as an industry leader in the field of intelligent tire technology (ITT). 

My contributions to virtual sensing techniques have established me as a leading inventor worldwide in the area ITT.  ITT is expected to deliver a better and safer driving experience.

How is the Weekend MBA useful in your role at Goodyear?

The Weekend MBA program helps me in my current role while building leadership skills for what’s to come next. It allows me to apply the learnings from day one into my job. I wanted to be part of a business school that is growing and attracting the brightest minds from various industries in Luxembourg. We have an eclectic mix of personalities from around 20 different countries. Being around people who are looking to better themselves and focusing on their personal development is something I find very inspiring.


Kanwar, MBA class of 2020, received his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, the USA in 2012. Since 2012, he has been working as a Research Engineer at the Goodyear Innovation Centers in Akron, USA, and Luxembourg. He holds several US patents and has authored numerous peer-reviewed technical papers in reputed journals. His current research interests include intelligent tires, sensor fusion and machine learning for automotive applications. He is internationally experienced having worked and lived in three continents (North-America, Europe, and Asia).


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