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MBA Talks with Filipa

Filipa, MBA class of 2020 and Planning & Process Development Manager at Ferrero, shares her motivation for doing the Weekend MBA Program.

”I was looking for a flexible MBA, compatible with my full-time job, together with experienced colleagues and professors’

How the Weekend MBA helped you to change your career path?

Self-development and knowledge are key to fulfilling career and life.

My long-term career goals involve being part of a team that deals with the business decisions and also to understand how a business is run across departments, from inside out. I often heard ‘we have always done it this way’ or ‘you are too young to understand’ so I decided to challenge myself and others by leaving the comfort zone and develop skills and competences that expanded my experience.

The MBA helped me to understand how to manage a team, how to make a business plan, how to manage time and pressure and how to network and perform public presentations. All this knowledge has been immediately applied with great success at my work and personal life as I gradually and naturally transitioned to more managerial positions and take ownership over larger and more complex undertakings.

What made you decide to do an MBA? And why the Weekend MBA?

I wanted to do an MBA to update my knowledge and learn pragmatically. It was never the perfect time to start, due to personal or professional commitments. Once I realized that, I committed to start on a fixed date and stick to the plan.

I wanted to have a full-time job to fulfill my career aspirations and financial stability, so I looked for a flexible MBA that would be compatible with a full-time job. I also recognized that half of the MBA worth is the network it provides, so a well-connected program and high/profile body of students and experienced professors with real-world experience was a requirement for me. And after a couple of interviews with the LSB Weekend MBA team, I knew they would exceed my expectations and here am I.

How do you manage your time between the MBA and being a new mom?

Focus, prioritization, and resilience make things happen. Time is our most valuable resource and I decided to focus on activities that bring me joy and fulfillment.

Being a mother, with a new full-time job and doing the MBA is extremely demanding. These are however complementary activities that can fit together if one is disciplined, knows how to prioritize and how to manage time, and is willing to drop secondary goals. Of course, this becomes easier when you can rely on the support from family, especially when the hard-times come and we doubt of even ourselves.


Filipa, MBA class of 2020 at Luxembourg School of Business, is currently working at Ferrero as a Planning and Process Development Manager.

Prior to LSB, Filipa studied International Business in Portugal and then moved to Germany to be part of the European Meteorological Satellite (EUMESTAT), where she was responsible for the configuration management of the satellites operational documentation. Filipa has several years of experience working in international environments and is passionate about Fashion and helping teams to excel.


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