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The Luxembourg GEMBA is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come

An All-inclusive Intelligent Investment

We have efficiently designed our program based on quality at a fair and intelligent price. Our tuition fees of 48.000 euros include accommodation, all meals, and extracurricular activities during the immersion weeks giving you the headspace to focus on your learning without any extra hidden costs. Flights to and from each immersive week will be at your expense.

Tuition Payment Schedule for the Luxembourg Global Executive MBA Program

EUR 4,800Registration fee: To be paid within 15 days of the notice of admission.
EUR 14,400To be paid by the 14th of August 2022
EUR 14,400To be paid by the 5th of March 2023
EUR 14,400To be paid by the 20th of August 2023

September 2022 intake: candidates who get enrolled before the 15th of May 2022 can access a 5% discount.

LSB Scholarships

LSB offers to a limited number of uniquely talented applicants the possibility to access our scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded based on several factors, including the level of financial need and leadership potential. The awarded scholarship will be deducted from the total tuition fee of the program. 


How can I apply to a Scholarship?

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Start your GEMBA application here and join the program in September 2022. Our Admission Director will be in touch with you shortly and support you through the process

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