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The first Accredited Master in Management in Luxembourg is a 24-month program. Students can specialize in Financial Management, International Tax* or Accounting, Audit & Control* (*Available for September intake only). This program is available in a 3 Day Study Model allowing part time employment. It combines a 6-month paid internship and career workshops to kick-start graduate's careers in Luxembourg.

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Delivering a practice-oriented program and empowering student employability is at the core of the Master in Management. The program provides students with the capability to synthesize fundamental knowledge and apply it in a work environment. The curriculum is created around project-based assignments, practical methods, and teamwork. The program prepares you not only for your first job but also for your future career.

Master in Management

The Master in Management program prepares students for a variety of career paths across different industries. Students will be able to work in a wide range of functional areas, such as finance, tax, audit, accounting, human resources, project management, marketing, and many more.


The Master in Management gives you business tools to kick-start your career in Luxembourg combining paid internship, career workshops and a 3 Day Study Model allowing part time employment. This program will help you bridge the gap between:

3 Specializations

During the Master in Management, students choose among 3 specializations, highly demanded by employers in Luxembourg.

  • The Financial Management Track prepares graduates for professional careers in the financial sector, including banking, corporate finance, and investments. Finance professionals are highly sought after in Luxembourg, often following career paths that lead to senior-level roles in organizations.  Every organisation is faced with complex financial issues. For example, how do you measure and manage financial risk in an unpredictable market, or analyse the financial data involved in a merger? What about advising an entrepreneur on the profitability of a sustainable business concept? In the specialisation in Financial Management, you will gain expertise in tackling almost any finance related business challenge. You will become a rounded business expert with an entrepreneurial, finance mindset.
  • The International Tax* is an innovative specialisation within the Master in Management Program, co-developed with key industry leaders in Luxembourg. The goal is to prepare graduates to be tax specialists who can manage within the wider context of business, where complexity and change abound. The Program provides a high-level education in the field of international taxation, with a strong emphasis on management.  Graduates can aspire to work at large international tax consultancies and law firms, internal tax departments of multinational companies, private equity houses and real estate funds, as well as multinational standard settings bodies such as the OECD. Leaders in the field of international tax will contribute as teachers in the specialization, each bringing their own expertise and practical vision to the courses. The Tax departments of these leading companies are amongst the largest employers in Luxembourg for young graduates.
  • The specialization in Accounting, Audit & Control* is characterized by a strong interaction with consulting, accounting, and audit sectors. It offers the possibility of starting an internship in accounting. You will understand the challenges and evolution of companies and the financial world, discover the accounting, environmental, and societal issues of organizations, and develop the technical skills needed in your journey to work in accounting, auditing, finance, and consulting. You will also enhance your cross-disciplinary understanding of economic professions.

*Available for September intake only
*This specialization does not provide access to the “réviseur d’entreprises” (statutory auditor) qualification. Please refer to réviseur d’entreprises on the CSSF website.


2 Years

The Master in Management is a 24-month-long program, including a 6-month paid internship. 


3 Day Study Model

The classThe classes take place in a 3 Day Study Model allowing part time employment



All the courses are taught in English.


March and September

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Master in Management, the starting point of your career in Luxembourg!

Faculty of the Master in Management

Dr. Giulia Negri is Fellow of the Corporate Finance and Real Estate Department and Business Developer of Central Europe at SDA Bocconi School of Management and Fellow at BAFFI Carefin (a Finance Research Unit) at Bocconi University. She is Associate Professor of Finance at Luxembourg School of Business. She has been working on national and international research projects, among others, with JP Morgan Private Banking, PwC, Parmalat, Assiteca, IBM and Prysmian. She has also worked with industrial and business representation associations. She is member of the Executive MBA Faculty at SDA Bocconi where she teaches Corporate Finance and where she has been coordinating the Finance Week from 2018 through 2020. She is also engaged in tailor-made Executive Education.

Dr. Giulia Negri

Master in Management

Professor of Private Equity and Corporate Valuation

Milan Belojević, MBA is an adjunct lecturer at Luxembourg School of Business. In his professional career, he led the business development for the Croatian Family office of the Luksic Family for over 5 years until he left his position as Investment Director in 2019 to move to Berlin. He is currently the managing director of two private elderly care homes as well as being the managing director and majority owner of an asset management firm and a financial consulting firm, all based in Berlin. He started his academic career as a teaching assistant and later lecturer with the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and was later an adjunct lecturer at the IAE Nice Graduate School of Management (part of Université Nice Sophia Antipolis in Nice, France) teaching Corporate Finance at the MBA level from 2014 - 2019.

Milan Belojević, MBA

Master in Management

Professor of Corporate Finance

Gordana Barić Pisarović, mag.math., is an invited faculty member at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) since 2002 where, over the years, she has been a lecturer in courses Elementary mathematics, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Statistics 1 and Statistics 2. She is also invited faculty member at the Luxembourg School of Business since 2020 where she has created and taught courses Business Mathematics Bootcamp and Statistics Bootcamp. She obtained her bachelor degree and master degree, both in mathematics, from the Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb. Before joining the faculty team at ZSEM, she was a math teacher at the XV. Gymnasium (1998-2001), the most prominent mathematical gymnasium in Croatia. She also taught at two other high schools (2001-2002) in Zagreb, Croatia.

Gordana Barić Pisarović

Master in Management

Professor of Business Mathematics and Statistics

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