LSB Quality Policy

LSB Quality Policy

LSB Quality management system

In accordance with Ordinance on Monitoring, Assessment and Quality Improvement at Luxembourg School of Business, Quality Board prepared Quality Management System’s document comprised of:

  • quality assurance policy,
  • scope of work of the Quality Board,
  • quality strategy,
  • stakeholders involvement,
  • mission driven Assurance of Learning process,
  • collection, analysis and use of relevant information for the effective management and the continuous improvement of the study program and research activities,
  • complaints and appeals procedures and committing academic fraud,
  • internal evaluation of study programs,
  • LSB’s master of business administration program learning goals and objectives,
  • LSB’s master in management program learning goals and objectives.

The Luxembourg School of Business strategy stems from its vision and mission:
Vision: “To be a globally recognized high quality business school in the heart of Europe.”

Mission: “To provide an inspiring and multicultural learning environment for current and aspiring business leaders from Luxembourg as well as from across Europe and the world. In achieving its educational and academic goals, the School uses contemporary teaching and research methods, promoting cultural and intellectual diversity. The School partners with the international business community and prepares students to prosper in a complex global business world.”

We envision LSB becoming an academic bridge bringing top international faculty to Luxembourg while allowing businesses based in Luxembourg to profit from this academic exposure by advancing their employees and developing new creative business strategies through the support of academia.

In order to integrate mission and the learning process, firstly, student learning goals and objectives are defined. All stakeholders have a significant role in this process. Learning goals are the product of faculty reflection on the skills, values and knowledge they expect students to learn as a result of LSB’s teaching process. They are a roadmap for the curriculum and a foundation of the assessment process. Then, assessment of the student learning outcomes will be performed. The assessment process is a central process in linking mission, learning goals, student outcomes and continuous improvement of the curriculum.

Quality assurance policy

Based on its strategy, LSB adopted quality assurance policy. According to the LSB Quality assurance policy the School:

  • Is a mission driven institution
  • Involves all stakeholders in the quality assurance processes
  • Ensures continuous improvements in all aspects of its operations

Scope of work of the Quality Board

The Quality Board is responsible for strategic planning and decision-making related to guidelines and procedures of quality assurance. It ensures the effectiveness of the process of assuring quality at LSB and proposes measures for realization and assurance of quality. It consists of:

Managing director – president of the Committee; Dean – member;
staff representative – member;
external expert – member.

The Quality Board develops short and long-term activity plans, and the plans of measurements. Results of measurements are discussed at the brainstorming sessions with all faculty members. Outcomes are proposals for performance improvements. After identifying necessary changes in the programs and the ways of implementation of those changes, the Faculty Board are making key decisions about implementation.

LSB Quality Policy


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