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Weekend MBA 48-hour leadership course with the Luxembourg Army!

From the lecture halls to the military barracks: The Luxembourg School of Business MBA students embarked on a rigorous 48-hour leadership journey with the Luxembourg Army!

Luxembourg School of Business and the Luxembourg Army collaborated on another a two-day leadership course, where Weekend MBA students showcased resilience, teamwork, and leadership under pressure.

The Luxembourg School of Business is proud to announce another successful collaboration with the Luxembourg Army providing unique leadership training for the Weekend MBA students to demonstrate their skills, determination and resilience.

The Leadership course was held at the Grand Duke Jean barracks in Diekirch, providing a real-world experience that mirrors both the military and business-world demands.

The Weekend MBA students gained practical insights into efective teamwork, clear communication, and strategic thinking in high-stakes situations, despite facing sleep deprivation, adverse weather conditions, and demanding exercises.

The Luxembourg Army and the Luxembourg School of Business continued their close collaboration to design two-day leadership courses as part of the Weekend MBA curriculum, that pushes the students beyond their comfort zones.

‘’This immersive course provides an unparalleled opportunity for our Weekend MBA students to experience the challenges of a complex and uncertain world and to develop the resilience and adaptability required for success in today’s dynamic business landscape” said Dr. Mirna Korican, professor at the Luxembourg School of Business.


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