February 18, by LSB

First Virtual Event on Early Warning Signals

Helping Companies to Anticipate Crisis & Opportunities

Luxembourg, February 16th, 2022 Luxembourg School of Business and MindForest worked together with leading companies in the Grand-Duchy to develop a set of best practices for detecting and using weak signals to prepare in due time for any change ahead. By reconfiguring their business models or their operations accordingly, companies that already take into account early warning signals for decision making are able to minimize the negative impacts of a crisis or to exploit the full potential of opportunities in the future.

“Given our work in the field of Change Management, we have always placed considerable importance on the use of a comprehensive risk matrix, but this research into EWS has the potential to take this approach to a higher level and provide enormous advantages for many different fields of industry.”

Nico Hoffeld (Managing Partner, MindForest).

During the virtual event on February 22nd, 2022 at 5 PM, the EWS team will present the project to the public and reveal the initial results from the interviews conducted with the participating companies during the past few months. The research team will also launch a nationwide survey destined to gather information across the board from all Luxembourg companies and professionals with the aim of subsequently publishing recommendations for the future use of early warning signals in a business context.

You can register for the EWS virtual event through this form.


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