Miquel Lladó

Miquel Lladó holds an Advanced Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona. Prof. of Strategic Management. He is a regular lecturer at IESE Business School and various business schools.

Delivered sessions in Slovenia, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Armenia, Ukraines, UK, Georgia, Slovakia, China, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Italy, and Peru. He regularly serves as a keynote speaker for companies and institutions. 

Through his own firm, Peak Business Advisory help companies to craft their strategy. Mentor to CEOs. Experience in 20 sectors-industries. Member of the Advisory Board at Kubbo (Urban Fulfillment Centers). Vallformosa (Sparkling Wines), NeitpBox (Digital Signage), Norma Doors Technologies (Doors).

Prof. Lladó has an extensive executive experience highlighting, CEO-Group President at Sara Lee Bakery Group (2005-2007: 550MM € business, 4200 people, 15 factories), CEO at Bimbo Spain & Portugal (2001-2007), VP of Marketing & Sales at Bimbo Spain & Portugal (1996-2000), VP of New Business at PepsiCo/Frito-Lay Spain (1995-1996), Director of China Distribution Project at Frito-Lay International (1995), Sales Designate at Frito-Lay USA (1994), as well as other executive positions.

He has completed executive education programs at IESE (PADE), ESADE Kellogg Business School, The Wharton School, McGill University,  and Harvard Business School.

He was elected Spain’s Best Executive in 2000 by the Spain’s Business Association AED.

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