Jan Muhlfeit

Jan is global strategist, coach, mentor and author of the bestseller The Positive Leader (Pearson 2016). His personal mission: “I help individuals, organizations, and countries around the world to unlock their human potential.”

Jan has proven record in building successful teams and organizations in his almost 22 years long career in Microsoft, where he served in different executive positions. In his last role (2007—2014) he was as Chairman Europe, Microsoft Corporation. Based on his global experience he created a rather unique methodology to find personal uniqueness for individuals and teams. Jan is teaching his courses „Unlock human potential“ and „Unlock your team potential“ globally. He is also together with Katerina Novotna co-author of the very successful seminar „Unlock Children Potential“.

Jan Mühlfeit emphasizes: “If people are able to leverage their talent and their strengths, they will not only be more productive and successful but also happier. Unlocking human potential is a mantra for me personally because I think that if we better utilize the best in us, we will manage to create a better world for all”. This methodology which roots are in positive psychology is based not only on his own experience but also the experience of many of the top individuals in the global world of business, politics, as well as sport, with whom he had the honor to meet, work and spend time worldwide for many years.

Jan also coaches top executives, Olympic Games winners, artists from different countries and continents and he works closely in the coaching and mentoring field with INSEAD, Cambridge, Gallup, Imperial College McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

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+352 26 25 89 80

46 Côte d'Eich, 1450 Luxembourg


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