Dr. Joey Tan

Dr. Joey Tan (Joey) drives strategic collaborations and growth strategy with key customers in the region, helping them to address organizational approach to environmental responsibilities with business and digital transformation.  Before AWS, Joey led the International Business Strategy team in the Alibaba Group Globalization office, working with various government agencies and Alibaba ecosystem businesses to drive innovation in cross-border trades, build mega hubs in various continents and facilitate eCommerce businesses across the globe. Joey is a Singaporean who has more than 25 years of experience in the Infocomm Industry, with 11 years in business engineering and digital transformation. He currently sits on various advisory boards and resides in Singapore. Dr. Tan is a Visiting Lecturer at Luxembourg School of Business teaching ‘Digital Innovation’ course (3 ECTS) in the Weekend-MBA program.

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+352 26 25 89 80

46 Côte d'Eich, 1450 Luxembourg


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