Dr. Alexandros Zacharof

Dr. Alexandros Zacharof is a Lecturer at Luxembourg School of Business. Alexandros is a Chemical Engineer with a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College London. He earned his MBA from Luxembourg School of Business.

He is a Senior Advisor at the European Investment Bank, the lending arm of the European Union, where his work focuses on project preparation, assessment, implementation and monitoring of large-scale infrastructure investments as well as acting as technical advisor to the Bank’s clients.

Prior to joining the EIB, Dr. Zacharof worked in academic research in the fields of waste management, wastewater treatment and groundwater remediation, engineering consultancy across the EU, IPA, CIS & MENA, as well as advisor to industry and venture capital funds.

Dr. Zacharof has guest-lectured at Imperial College London and other academic instructions on topics such as environmental infrastructure design, implementation, and financing.

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