Managing Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the big digital disruptors and is entering all businesses in all industries. For example, over 50% of financial services institutions globally are already using AI-driven automation. But AI not only presents unprecedented opportunities for value creation, but also daunting challenges as it is a technology and not a purpose. The ability to lead informed, strategic decision-making and augment business performance by integrating AI into the way your organization operates is therefore of crucial relevance. Key questions arise: What is your business model in the digital age and how does AI integrate? What is realistic for you to achieve with today’s AI tools? To successfully implement an AI project, managers and executives need to know best practices and understand current limitations of applied AI. It is easy to get lost in loads of information about this topic online and thus, the best way to learn remains relying on the curated content delivered by industry practitioners.

Who should attend?

  • Business managers and professionals who want to learn how AI can help them to improve their business model, ie lower costs and/or increase revenue. C-level executives who want to understand modern strategies of applying innovative technologies to be more competitive. We encourage organizations to send teams working with both back- and front-office repetitive processes as well as working on digital transformation and digitization to this course.

Program Objectives

This course will combine the theoretical basics in the form of lectures and discussions with practical work, where participants will be able to use the knowledge and skills acquired. Participants will be encouraged to contribute to the course with their experiences, backgrounds, comments, questions, etc., and to lively participate and interact.

  • Participants will get an overview of AI and a basic understanding of AI.
  • Participants will be able to build / adapt business models including AI.
  • Participants will understand the significance and options of modern Data Science.
  • Participants will be able to identify the enablers for enabling AI.
  • Participants will actively discuss the future of their businesses including new technology such as AI 


Boris Debić, Google’s Chief History Officer emeritus, is a technologist who spent 15 years with the company from its earliest days and in the period of the most accelerated growth ($3B to $161B revenue/yr, 3500 to 210k workforce).

At Google he has worked in several roles: Release engineering, G+Privacy, Global Infrastructure, Datacenter site location, AI-driven decision making and Ads serving and machine learning infrastructure.

He also directs the Mars Society’s NorCal Rover project, with support from NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Prior to Google, he held positions in Silicon Valley startups, most notably E.piphany; the United Nations; the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the University of Zagreb.

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