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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The quality policy of Luxembourg School of Business defines the principles of the permanent process of ensuring and improving quality of teaching, scientific and professional activities, in accordance with its strategy and significance as well as European and national standards and guidelines of quality.

The approach to quality management is based on the cooperation of all stakeholders with the aim of achieving the satisfaction of beneficiaries and the realization of the strategic goals of the Luxembourg School of Business.

Measures and activities of quality assurance are permanently being improved in accordance with internal and external procedures of assessment, self-evaluation, and student and other surveys. Luxembourg School of Business is committed to achieving the highest national and international norms and standards of quality in higher education and business by following modern trends in education and through professional and scientific activities in all of its program areas. Luxembourg School of Business ensures excellence and competitiveness on the European and global markets in accordance with the requirements and principles of the Bologna process and the excellence criteria of the European area of higher education.

The quality policy represents a reference framework for the creation, assessment, implementation, and achieving goals of quality. Both employees and students of Luxembourg School of Business are acquainted with the quality policy. The quality policy is continuously monitored and implemented within the system of the Quality Committee in accordance with the dynamics and needs of the functioning and development of Luxembourg School of Business.

The quality policy of Luxembourg School of Business is based upon the ambition and efforts of ensuring the personal and social prosperity of all stakeholders, especially students, teachers, and other employees as well as business partners and collaborators, founders, and community as a whole.

The Quality Committee is a system within the organizational structure of the Luxembourg School of Business.

The system is regulated by normative acts of the Luxembourg School of Business, which prescribe procedures and activities enabling systematic assurance, implementation, quality improvement, and management, in accordance with the criteria and methods prescribed by the laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and regulations of Luxembourg School of Business.

The Board of Administrators of Luxembourg School of Business is responsible for the implementation of the quality policy in the strategy and procedures of internal quality assurance.

Luxembourg School of Business recognizes students as primary, and their future employers as final, stakeholders of its system of quality and beneficiaries of its services, who continually assess the quality and express their satisfaction in regular surveys The Luxembourg School of Business strives for better results of its work, regularly reviewing the concept and implementation of quality policy.

In accordance with Standards and Guidance and Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) Quality Committee of Luxembourg School of Business issues the Ordinance on Monitoring, Assessment, and Quality Improvement to regulate monitoring, assessment, and quality improvements at Luxembourg School of Business and the Quality Committee’s jurisdiction, composition, and the decision-making process.

The quality policy is an integral part of the Quality Management System’s document, the provisions of which must be implemented by all employees at the Luxembourg School of Business.

Dean: Dino Ivan Dogan, PhD.

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