About us


Luxembourg School of Business is a not-for-profit association registered and operating under the laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The legal name and primary address of the school are:

  • Luxembourg School of Business a.s.b.l. (association sans but lucratif)
  • 46 Côté d’Eich, 1450 Luxembourg
  • Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Preferred Name:

  • Luxembourg School of Business (LSB, or sometimes referred to as Luxsb)

Board of Administrators of LSB

The Board of Administrators (the Board) is the highest governing body of LSB. The Board is responsible for finances, property, business and all academic and non-academic affairs of the School. The Board appoints the Dean and the Managing Director of the School.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is the highest advising body of LSB comprised of representatives of local and international business and academic community. Its role is to advise the Board, the Dean and the Managing Director on key topics related to the school’s strategy and curriculum development.

Faculty Board

Faculty Board is the highest academic body of LSB. It is comprised of five faculty members of LSB, one student representative, and one LSB alumni. They are making decisions on the programs, student learning objectives, assessment of the learning outcomes and improvements of overall quality at LSB. Faculty Board is elected by the Board of Administrators.

Student Council

Student Council is comprised of all students. Each student is represented in the council by the class representative of the class they belong to. Council’s functions are primarily executed by the class representatives, who bear the decision-making rights and responsibilities.

Quality Policy

To access the quality policy of Luxembourg School of Business, please click here.

Educating Leaders



+352 26 25 89 80

46 Côte d'Eich, 1450 Luxembourg


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