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Chateau de Septfontaines: heritage and modernity for a unique learning environment.

Welcome to the future campus of Luxembourg School of Business

The Luxembourg School of Business new campus is located at the Château de Septfontaines and the former porcelain manufactory Faïencerie Villeroy & Boch, a historical area close to the center of Luxembourg-city.

This campus will allow the Luxembourg School of Business to welcome local and international managers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, in a unique, historic and deeply Luxembourgish context.

The Chateau de Septfontaines will welcome the first Luxembourg School of Business students in 2026-2027.

Chateau de Septfontaines, Luxembourg.
Chateau de Septfontaines, Luxembourg.
Chateau de Septfontaines, Luxembourg.

History of the Castle of Septfontaines


Jean-François and Pierre-Joseph Boch plan to build a seigneurial residence next to their factory.


The construction started under the supervision of the architect Jean-Pierre Fresez. The architecture corresponds to the style at the time, Baroque of Austro-German inspiration.


Storming and devastation of the castle by the French revolutionaries. Pierre-Joseph von Boch leaves the domain with his family. On his return, it takes several years before starting the restoration.


Sale of the domain to the Pescatore-Barbanson couple, Mr. Pescatore being the director of the factory.


Acquisition of the Chateau by Villeroy & Boch on the initiative of CEO Luitwin von Boch. The castle was abandoned and exposed to ruin.

Antoine de Schorlemer was in charge of undertaking renovation work which lasted a full 12 years.


The Castle welcomes the first students from the Luxembourg School of Business.

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